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Computer Counseling

Have trouble figuring out the latest technologies? Our computer mentor will patiently walk you through every step in the process with clear, easy instructions so that you better understand your computer equipment. With our nurturing, you will find your fit in the new genre of upcoming technologies.

PC Support

We are your personalized computer consultant. We are able to solve just about any computer problem you are facing and resolve the issue in a swift manner. From Virus removal to setting up your network installation to consultation on the purchasing of new computer equipment.

onsite computer repair

House Calls

Don't lug your computer to a repair shop, we come to you! We service all your computing needs and allow you to watch the process as we troubleshoot to find the problem. This lets you gain a better understanding of your equipment.


Virus Removal and Computer Troubleshooting: If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want have it removed as quickly as possible. We are here to sanitize you computer with some of the best antivirus and malware tools available on the market. We fix problems with your computer running too slow or not running at all
Network Setup: If you need to setup your computer and device up as a local network, or If you have an existing network and your devices are not talking to one another then we can get you up and running again.
Hardware Upgrades: If you are looking into buying a new computer or you need to upgrade your existing computer then we can help you out by making you relevant with the current technological trends.


What I liked the most about the service was the consistent high quality service, which was friendly and non-patronising.

-Sandy Allen
The medication I'm on makes me a bit forgetful. When I can't remember a password or how to operate a program, all I have to do is call Coby. He can access my computer through remote desktop where ever he is and help walk me through everything. Even when he has to explain the same thing for the fourth time, he acts like it is the first time and never loses his patience. We're so lucky to have found him!

-Michael Bettler
Coby has 20 years of experience in many aspects of the computer field. He is patient with customers and has the knack to clearly translate computer jargon into easy-to-understand terms that easily explains technical aspects to the lay person. Coby taught computer classes for a adult continuing education program where he received accolades for his clear explanations. For 10 years, Coby worked for a major university where one of his responsibilites was computer & network support.
Computer Setup
$85.00 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Hardware
Virus/Spyware Removal
+ Mileage
+ Virus Software
Memory Upgrade
$59.00 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Hardware
Wireless Networking
$99.00 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Hardware
Hardware/Software Repair
pc repair
$119.99 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Hardware
Printer Setup
$79.99 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Hardware
Software Installation
$89.99 Flat Rate
+ Mileage
+ Software
Computer Consultation
+ Mileage